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I feel like that about myself. 

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Cecil knocked on Frankie's door. The dorm didn't seem too packed, it was day filled with matches. When she answered she could see he offered her a bouquet. "Uhhhh... I wanted to apologize about what happened. Though I'm still not entirely sure what happened."
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Frankie felt her head throb as she had gotten up to answer her room door, she hoped it wasn’t her friends inviting her to a match, she really should have changed her status sign to away to avoid this but she didn’t, she would have to remember that.

When she cracked the door she expected an inviter, or maybe another damned greeter. But it was that dork, that idiot who had accidentally forced himself inside her in the bathroom.

"What….do you want…" she hissed, her head pounding like a bass drum.

Cecil shifted uncomfortably, noticing Frankie was still pissed with him. “I wanted to make up for what happened… It was dark and the bathroom was small.”

He offered her the flowers, trying to be friendly. He took a step back as to try and not seem threatening. He thought for a moment, “Did you get your summoner card I left for you? I stamped it approved so you won’t have to take the tutorial classes.”

She stared through the crack in her door at him for a moment. She sighed and took the flowers from him, opening the door partway and walking away from it. Weather he came in or not it didn’t matter.

She was adorned in some purple boy shorts with white trim and a white tee shirt with an ‘F’ printed in green across her left breast.


Cecil slowly opened the door and stepped through, he wasn’t sure if it was an invitation but, didn’t want to argue it. She could see his hoodie and jeans, making him look more casual than a summoner should. 

"Uhh… I’m Cecil." He tried not to stare at her and his eyes would veer up. "I wanted to say sorry for whatever happened. I was also wondering… Would you maybe let me take you to dinner?"

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4:35 Blaze it sorry traffic was crazy

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Cartman would be proud.

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